Meet the Stylist

To provide all my clients that personalized support in making styling choices that work for each client that leaves each one feeling more confident, more beautiful and why not more successful in life!


My name is Juliette and I am the owner and main stylist at STYLE UNTAMED. I have my B.mgt degree in International Management and minor in French. With my degree I have had the opportunity to live in France on two separate occasions and travel much of Europe and that is where a great deal of my style inspiration resides.

~ I keep up to date with emerging trends and styling techniques like it is the air I need to breath ~

I’ve done my time working in retail and I have been on the other side as a customer so I have seen the good and ugly practices in the retail world ( need I explain…) so I have committed to providing a friendly approach to styling, sort of like your favourite shopping buddy, confidant or awesome boyfriend who holds all your shopping bags! My services are not meant to be intimidating rather more like girl time with an objective!

I have also had the privilege to perfect my craft studying with Hollywood celebrity stylist Luke Storey and L.A.’s top personal stylist Lauren Messiah at the School of Style last February. This course provided me the fundamentals of working in this industry, the art of styling and amazing experiential hands on training!

What is the STYLE UNTAMED approach to Personal Styling?

We believe a good personal stylist is not just motivated by playing in clothes all day but by being apart of their clients journey of becoming more confident or finding their confidence that could impact the rest of their life in a positive way!  Our stylist Juliette works so that each client leaves with the feeling of self-assurance, precisely believing in their own abilities to dress, live an more organized way and whatever else amazing feelings that transpires!  

Lyon, France


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