Do you find yourself busy and don’t have the time to spend hours in the mall looking for that outfit for an event or accessories to go with it? Then look no further, STYLEUNTAMED‘s stylist is here to do your shopping so it leaves you with more time feeling and looking fabulous!

style untamed

All we require is a budget, timeline and a some guidelines for the look you are going for.

Examples of occasions we cover:

  • black tie & cocktail parties
  • current fashion shopper
  • vacation attire shopper
  • christmas shopper
  • special gift shopper
  • first date shopper
  • interview attire




Has your wardrobe become a mess and unorganized? Do you need someone to come in and clean out that cluttered mess and in result make finding new outfits from what you already own easier? Then look no further, STLE UNTAMED’s stylist is here to help.

style untamedThe goal is to leave you with peace of mind and a seemingly new wardrobe. Your wardrobe will be cleansed out from top to bottom. To begin we will sort out what you need and don’t need, your space will be reorganized to create a visually appealing display. After your wardrobe cleansing experience  with STYLE UNTAMED’s stylist you will be able to create outfits effortlessly and have more time doing things you love instead of standing in front of your wardrobe thinking ” I have nothing to wear!”






Are you at a standstill when it comes to your personal style and do you need help reinventing your look? Then stress no more, contact us today for the STYLE UNTAMED experience!

10527514_488434101303206_8837921703641912823_nIs an event approaching? Do you need help with reinventing what is already in your wardrobe from clothing to accessories? Do you need someone to pinpoint the staple wardrobe essentials you are missing? Then this is the service for you! STYLE UNTAMED’s stylist will use her knowledge of fashion and her love of helping others find a new sense of self confidence from looking good and feeling good.

The process includes a free consultation where all the questions regarding your current style and what your objectives are will be asked. The objective is to make this experience a fun and enlightening one maybe with a sugary treat like ice cream at hand! After the consultation, we will plan the next meeting where the real fun starts. It will be focused around your wardrobe and showing you ways to best utilize what you have and to educate you on what you need to maximize your existing wardrobe to make it easier dressing for events or everyday.






Do you have any questions about the services offered or your personal needs, contact us!

Disclaimer: All rates will be discussed once contacted.







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